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contemporary art photography

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Skin deep

The skin is our biggest organ and our barrier to the outside world. It protects us, while when shown often making us feel vulnerable.

I have had atopic dermatitis since I was a child, which means that my skin is very sensitive to environmental irritants. I experienced the feeling of not being at ease in my own body and having no escape, as the symptoms are constant and unbearable itchiness. Sufferers like me typically can’t resist the urge to scratch till bleeding, as did I.

Since then, the subject of skin as our barrier to the outside world fascinates me tremendously. Nowadays, I feel good ‘in my skin’ most of the time. Still, scars and other irregularities catch my eye in an instant.

Skin is beauty and intimacy combined. On the other hand, when skin is broken or wounded, the image can turn our stomach into a feeling of empathetic pain or simple curiosity for what has happened. It’s a landscape of history.

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Artistic nude portrait of Rafa before taking an ice-bath.
Number two on gray

Nude Reverie

Step into an ethereal world of artistic expression, where the human form becomes a canvas for intimate storytelling. Explore the captivating gallery of artistic nudes, each frame weaving a tale of raw vulnerability and profound beauty.
Observe the delicate interplay of focus and blur as one figure embraces the chilling immersion of an ice bath. Witness the celestial spectacle as the Milky Way gracefully adorns the contours of a bare form, tracing a story of cosmic connection and earthly grace. With each composition, delve into the depths of human vulnerability and strength, as the human body becomes a testament to the enduring beauty of the human spirit. 

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” – Diane Arbus

Number three on gray

Contemporary Abstract

The exciting world of abstract photography is difficult to define. In general, abstraction occurs when a photographer captures a portion of a specific scene, isolating it from its contextual environment. This method of expressing ideas deviates from photography’s traditional realism and is intended to capture the viewer’s imagination.

My work in this series is at times still figurative, but I also play with color and form to conceal the reality of my subjects. What appears at first to be patterns and lines in fact turns out to be a glass roof, or two subjects may be layered over one another.

Photography of water plants underneath the surface of the water. Which reflects clouds that mimic the structure of the plants.
Number fur on grey

Caught before fading away

To me, seeing a dead animal is fascinating. It directly targets a primal fear and fascination at the same time. There is a beauty and peacefulness about the bodies, while at the same time opening up so many questions. Photography is the perfect medium to capture the beauty of the body before it’s gone forever. The soul already left, and what’s remaining is the question of ‘why?’


“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome” – Isaac Asimov

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